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Please note: Without the live audio of the sermons that these presentations accompanies, a few of these slides may not make complete sense to you.   Visit the sermon page and try to match the audio recordings as I present each of these presentations.

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Musick Presentations for the Scattered Christian Today - That Cares!

The importance of knowing what the Bible SAYS about musick instead of your opinion.  Do you understand the voice of music?  If not, this gives you a warning to take heed.   Updated 08/05/04


The remaining Scriptures concerning musick - musical events, trumpet and other instruments and even the musicians are named.   Updated 08/05/04


What the Scriptures specifically say about the real design and purpose of Musick!  Updated 08/06/04


The verses in the Bible that illustrate music in it's ungodly use.   Updated 08/05/04


What has replaced the Bible in America?  You may be surprised at the answer... Updated 08/06/04


Melody, Harmony and Rhythm - and How They Affect Us All!   Updated 10/03/04


A quick & general history of musick from Job to Revelation with Shem, Ham & Japheth!

updated 08/05/04 (2 music clips make this is a longer load)
updated 08/05/04

How the god of this world uses "good musick" to his glory instead of God's!

Cllck once at the beginning and the presentation will do the rest.
Updated 10/06/04


To hear these verses preached, one would no longer have any problem with the music 'issue' at home or in their church.   updated 08/05/04

STOLEN VERSES from our Hymn books

These are examples of what has been taken out of our hymnals - well, I have put them back in and you can see why they wanted that stuff out - it was doctrinal MEAT. Experience the days when the words were more important than the music.

Metrical Order

Learn about Isaac Watts and his metrical Psalms carrying over into the early hymns designed by words instead of the music.   See how hymns were constructed based on the meter and syllables and that the 'tune' was just a tool to help sing praises to God!  See and sing some examples here and 'experience' the days when words were more important than the music. 

Miscellaneous Sermon Presentations
The Body of Christ versus the Body of Christ.

Comparing the Body of Christ with the local church and see something in this sermon that so many Baptists don't believe, nor do they understand!

Greek Speak of Acts 2:38

A few examples of how those preachers and pastors use their supposed knowledge to control their congretation which actually puts them in bondage to their own pastor's Greek vanity!

Physical and Spiritual Kingdoms

Using a bunch of colored circles and someone else's idea of visualizing the two kingdoms, this presentation could help you see how the two kingdoms came about.  The kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God!  This has been updated to include 'three' kingdoms.  The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven and the Devil's kingdom.  This has also been up0dated to help you understand the differences between the church as presented by Paul compared the church as presented by Peter in early Acts.

How Your Foolish Children Can Break Up Your Marriage

Seeing how God designed the father and mother differently, we can see how easy it is for the parents to handle things differently and how they respond to their children is just as different.  Understanding what Proverbs says about how mom and dad respond differently to their children can save a lot of frustration in the marriage.

Words of the Antichrist

Being prompted by the portrayal of the antichrist in the movie The Passion of the Christ, including a picture of the one-eyed Christ from the movie, this short presentation tells us what the Bible warns concerning the 'words' of the antichrist - the voice of a Stranger!  This is based on a tract/chart that I drew up right after we did one on the Voice from Heaven!  People are being duped not only by Hollywood, but by the Catholic Church.

Three Kingdoms, Not Two

In helping your understanding of Rightly Dividing, see this short presentation on the THREE kingdoms, not just the two.  Listen to the sermon on the sermon page to hear the preaching that accompanies this presentation. This chart was upgraded and updated on June 7, 2004.

Modern Church "Building" Growth

Are they lifting the church or the book?  You decide for yourself, we already have come to a conclusion!  See it here.

The Gifts of God

This is a general summary of the Gifts from God.  There is a short sermon included concerning the lack of 'awe' for the Word of God these days as well as Paul's comments made concerning a worthy walk.

Spiritual Blessings in Ephesians

See a quick run through of blessings found in Ephesians.  You know, as folks continue their brain walk trying to flash their doctrinal knowledge, they sure do miss out on a lot of blessings by ignoring the blessings from a godly walk.  Sure, many of these blessings are 'automatic, but many of them are not.  There are blessings round one, and blessings round two.  Why are folks just satisfied with only that first round? 

The English Language of the King James Bible 1611
King James, the King, and His Translators
In Awe of Thy Word - G.Riplinger

These are segments of the book In Awe of Thy Word.  This book truly shows us what it is that modern Christians are missing in the Bible today.  We need to get back into the Book itself and forgo all the Bible 'aids' that we all have.  The Translators and Martyrs knew for what they were dying; you can read material that shuts down the Greekers  & their lexicons as well as show you other things in the King James Bible that are mind-boggling - mostly because our minds today are so cluttered with images and waste!

These are Sunday School lessons that I am presenting in a powerpoint fashion, so I present the powerpoint version here - and with permission from the Riplingers, I joyously say.

If this material perks your interest, buy they book
and you will see what is in that KJB - far more than you ever even imagined!

Lesson 1 - ABC's in the Bible - definitions of the letters in the English Bible!
Lesson 2 - ABC's part II - more of the letters!
Lesson 3 - Learn the Bible study methods of the translators and martyrs!
Lesson 4 - (#3 continued at memorization & learn to memorize a verse!)
Lesson 5 - The polishing of the first 6 English Bibles to make the pure KJB!
Lesson 6 - See why God's language can't be like our own earthly English!
Lesson 7 - See the opposite words that modern versions use
Lesson 8 - Who the Rock really is, according to the Scriptures themselves!
Lessons 1-8 Review  -  Audio
 Short Visual Lessons on the Person of King James

King James was miracle king -  as an author, godly king, KJB Only, evangelical Christian, persecuted and linguist and scholar.
Mrs King James - learn a few interesting facts about the wife of King James
Translators I - learn about the rules the translors had to follow and about the men themselves - and then read what today's publishers think of the translators and anyone who believes them!
Translators II
The Apocrypha - Why It Is Not in the Bible and other interesting 'facts' about the lies that the Apocrypha puts forth today.

Paul, Our Apostle for Us Today
 Paul, Our Apostle for Us Today
The Pause That Refreshes

A 'simplified' visual look at Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth. 

This is a short introduction to the audio sermon The Pause That Refreshes

Paul's Greater Commission MP3 Audio

This is an audio sermon that you might be able to play along as you click through the presentation "Paul's Greater Commission.

Paul's Greater Commission

See all the Scriptures that rightly divide the King James Bible showing the apostle Paul's commission - the Greater Commission.

Who is This Man Paul?

A short presentation about some of the facts concerning Paul.

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